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Let me show you how pleasure can become high art.

With my raven hair, and smooth, pale skin decorated in esoteric tattoos, I am the wanton enchantress you were curious about before you even knew what exactly made you so curious.

Standing five foot ten, I am a statuesque beauty: lithe and leggy, with curves in all the right places, from my perky D cups to my perfectly round ass, but my allure is more than just skin deep. I'm an experienced and passionate seductress, as open-minded, adventurous, and inventive as I am sensual. As an artist in more than just the carnal sphere, I take pride in my ability to bring the same creativity and imagination to our time together as I do to the visual sphere.

I am by no means a common delight, and find I have the best chemistry with those who seek the extraordinary. Come to me seeking the unusual, and you will leave having experienced something magical.

If you're like me, you crave experiences that stimulate your mind as well as your body, and long for adventures which lead you through not only the vast, expansive planes of sensuality, but also through the corners of your mind which have not yet been pruned into civilized shapes, and still hold a primal magic. Let me be your guide as we plunge into the torrid depths of your wildest fantasies, and allow yourself to surrender to bliss as I lead you into paradise.

I can't wait to meet you.

A heart with cursive script that reads "Ruby"

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Height: 5'10
Measurements: 32-26-35
Cup Size: 32D
Shoe Size: 10
Dress Size: 4-6
Sun Sign: Gemini


Music: Tom Waits, Amy Winehouse, Lucille Bogan
Foods: Sushi, Italian, Indian, Thai
Drinks: Red wine, gin, mocha
Flowers: Peonies, roses, orchids
Fragrances: Frustration by Etat libre d'Orange, O, Unknown by Imaginary Authors
Color: Red
Animals: All of them, especially cats, rabbits, foxes, and possums

Ruby, a tall, thin, femme person with dark hair, pale skin, and tattoos lies on a couch, wearing a cocktail dress. They are barefoot and have their feet up on the back of the seat. Their arms are arranged with their left one bent up behind their head and the fingers of their right hand touching their lips. They are bathed in red light
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